Witchcraft Dictionary

Witchcraft Dictionary

Witchcraft Dictionary


This witchcraft dictionary is for everyone to use to get a clearer definition of different words that are used in witchcraft. To get more information about a specific witchcraft word simply click on the word and it will take you to a page of information.

  • Age of Aquarius – the ‘‘New Age’ of mankind
  • Astral Plane – the world of the supernatural
  • Autumn Equinox – one of the four lesser Sabbats
  • Chakra – the spiritual energy centers of the human body
  • Challenge – tests courage before initiation into witchcraft
  • Charge – commands given by the Goddess to the High Priestess
  • Coven – a coven is a gathering of witches
  • Curse – the use of supernatural power to inflict harm
  • Exorcism – the expulsion of demons from a possessed body
  • Elizabethan Age – known as an era of intellectual growth and Renaissance. Intellecual growth led to persecution of the witches and believers in the witchcraft.
  • Fairy Ring – a powerful site where whitches perform spells
  • Goddess Venus – the goddess of love and beauty
  • Lycanthropy – the ability of a witch to change into an animal
  • Oath of Wicca – a binding oath to protect Wiccan secrets
  • Pagan – relating to non-orthodox religion
  • Pentacle – the pentacle is a witchcraft symbol
  • Sabbat – the name given to the principle festivals
  • Scarab – considered as a symbol of continuation of life through rebirth. Ancient Egyptians consider the scarab beetle a sacred insect
  • Solo Witch – a solo witch is a witch that practices witchcraft alone
  • Triple Goddess – the principle female deity of witch craft
  • Wand – a magickal rod used to perform magick and witchcraft
  • Witchcraft – in Europe the term witch is described as male or female shamans
  • Witch Hazel – were used as divining and dowsing rods to locate water or ‘witch’ a well or find hydration.
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